Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Kishore Kumar is extensively known as an actor, singer, producer, and even as a music composer.
  • He was also known in his close circle for eccentric behaviour.

Today is the 36th death anniversary of legendary Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar. His death to date has left such a void that no other singer has been able to replace him. Even today, many music composers lament that they do not have someone like Kishoreda with exceptional voice, clarity, and flexibility to express their feelings and emotions easily.

While Kishore Kumar is extensively known for his body of work as an actor, singer, producer and even music composer, he was also known in his close circle for eccentric behaviour.

When director obtained a decree against Kishore Kumar

A director who knew about Kishore Kumar ’s weird behaviour got a decree against Kishoreda from the court according to which the singer would have to follow the instructions of the director and turn up for work regularly. The director did not have any idea to what length Kishore Kumar could go with his eccentricity.

The singer would reach the sets of the movie but sat in the car until the director asked him to get down. Similarly, as per a scene in the movie, Kishore Kumar had to drive a car. But when the director forgot to call cut, Kishore Kumar continued driving the car and reached Khandala creating problems for the director. In those days there were no mobile phones so it was difficult for everyone to track where Kishoreda had gone.

Kishore Kumar started shouting in front of Talwar’s house

The legendary actor and singer worked with RC Talwar in Mem Sahib. Despite repeated reminders, Talwar did not give him his pending Rs 8000. So one fine day Kishore Kumar went to his house and started shouting in front of Talwar’s door, “Hey Talwar de de mere aath hazar.” Feeling humiliated Talwar ultimately had to give Kishoreda the pending amount.

Interesting tale about Khaike paan Banaras wala

When Kishore Kumar was invited by Kalyanji Anandji to sing the famous song “Khaike Pan Banaras Wala” from Don he thought a little and asked the composers to get him a few Banarasi pan and a chadar that would cover the entire studio. To give a realistic tone to the song, Kishore Kumar sang it chewing Banarasi pan and in between spit on the sheet covering the studio. The impact was amazing and the song became one of the biggest hits of that year.