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News Highlights

  • Kapil Sharma will soon make his debut as a singer in collaboration with Guru Randhawa.
  • Guru had earlier promised Kapil that he will make a song for him on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Kapil Sharma is gearing up to make his debut as a singer alongside famous Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa with Alone. The standup comedian is famous for his comic timing, hit comedy shows on television, and the shows he has conducted worldwide. His OTT debut project on Netflix titled I’m Not Done Yet was also a big hit.

He even tried his luck in movies but could not get much success. But for Kapil Sharma , his first love has always been music. He loves singing and is very good at it as is evident from the different songs he sings on his show. Interestingly, before becoming a famous standup comedian and host, Kapil had tried his luck in music shows.

He had auditioned for Indian Idol in Amritsar but was not selected. Kapil had even auditioned for a Punjabi music reality show Awaz Punjab Di and was shortlisted. However, at that time he had also auditioned for The Laughter Challenge and decided to try his luck in a comedy reality show. The famous comedian shared this information on his show when the Indian Idol show judges Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani, and Himesh Reshammiya had come as guests to promote the music reality show.

Then after winning The Laughter Challenge, Kapil slowly emerged as one of the biggest comedians in India and gained name and fame. But he always had the desire to become a singer. That is why when Guru Randhawa appeared on his show last time, Kapil said that Guru is very busy and does not have time to prepare a song for him.

At that time the famous rapper had promised that he will next come to Kapil’s show only for promoting a song with the comedian. And Guru has kept his promise. Now finally, Kapil Sharma’s wish is getting fulfilled and who knows he might as well have a smashing career in music as well.Alone will release on 9th February 2023.