Supalee Dalai

Dreams and passion are like wings that have the power to take you to heights you have never imagined. This phrase has been rightly proved again and again by incredible people with immense passion for their craft. 

And this time it’s just a 23-year-old girl who made her country proud at the Festival de Cannes alongside many big celebrities.

We are talking about Nancy Tyagi, a self-taught fashion designer hailing from Baranwa village, Uttar Pradesh and now living in Delhi, who graced the Cannes Red Carpet with stunning ensembles that captured the eyeballs of many, making her an instant fashion sensation. 

Moving to Delhi to prepare for UPSC, when lockdown hit the country, Nancy turned to her real passion, which is dress designing. Without any degree in fashion design, Nancy embraced her passion for designing stunning outfits and shared them on her Instagram channel, starting with some catchy Meesho hauls.

However, the start was difficult. Although many liked her work there were harsh comments, some even trolled and body-shamed her. But Nancy continued her work with all heart and with time her work started to receive the recognition and appreciation she deserves. 

She created outfits inspired by icons like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone. With many trials and errors, Nancy mastered her skills gradually and finally made her debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

At her first appearance, the influencer wore a dazzling pink gown made with 1000 meters of fabric and weighed over 20 kg. The most interesting thing about it is that Nancy herself designed and stitched the impressive ensemble within a month.

In her second appearance too, Nancy designed and stitched her outfit herself from scratch including a sequinned saree gown outfit combined with a beautiful backless blouse and a hood on it.

Her entry was a blockbuster at Cannes, leaving many stars like Sonam Kapoor impressed who asked Nancy to make an outfit for her which the influencer has agreed to.

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