Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Years ago Aamir Khan's son Junaid was a fat, young boy.
  • Recently when his lean and fit pictures surfaced online it shocked everyone.

Bollywood celebs woo the audience with their hot bodies both on and off-screen. Many biggies like Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan have been inspiring the younger generation to stay fit and healthy. Unlike general opinion, these celebs also struggle with health issues and have to work hard to maintain that point on look at every red carpet event or for a particular character on the screen.

Junaid Khan’s transformation is shocking

A few years ago no one knew much about Aamir Khan’s eldest son Junaid. He did not like to be in the limelight and hence was never papped much. At that time he was a fat young boy. However, now that he has decided to become an actor, he has undergone a massive transformation. Recently when pictures of tall and fit Junaid surfaced on the web, everyone was stunned. Hours of hard work and training and a strict diet can only help one achieve such a big physical change.

Sara Ali Khan struggled with PCOD

Hormonal imbalance caused due to PCOD often leads to huge weight gain and emotional trauma. Sara Ali Khan who dropped oodles of weight has time and again mentioned her struggle for weight loss and her journey is inspiring for every girl who has been fighting obesity. Recently during a podcast, she admitted that even today she gets tempted by junk food and easily puts on weight. Sara has to work hard even now to maintain her weight and look slim.

Sonakshi Sinha lost good roles due to obesity

It is a known fact that Sona was first spotted by Salman Khan at an event and he asked her to lose weight and get into movies. Rest is the history as she got a break in Bollywood with Dabangg. But despite losing a good amount of weight many in the industry did not think that she had the ideal body to star as the female lead and many times was removed by big directors because she did not fit in the body type that is usually expected from a leading lady.

Arjun Kapoor made the impossible possible

Arjun KapoorArjun Kapoor

Being the son of Boney Kapoor, it was easier for Arjun Kapoor to get a role in a Bollywood movie. But he was so overweight that no one could have accepted him as the hero. Once again it was Salman Khan who trained him and helped him get that amazing physique. A couple of years ago, he had once again gained a lot of weight. But with the help of his girlfriend Malaika Arora who has one of the best bodies in Bollywood, he regained his sculpted physique back.