Poonam Singh

Rumors surrounding the alleged romance between Ibrahim Ali Khan and Palak Tiwari gained momentum when the pair was initially spotted together in Mumbai in December 2022. 

Fuelling the speculation, a recent Instagram post from a paparazzi account captured the duo on a date night in Mumbai.

The video, now widely circulated on social media, shows Ibrahim and Palak seated inside a car, navigating the intricacies of parking arrangements. Both actors, dressed in matching black attire, exude a casual yet chic vibe. 

Despite their undeniable chemistry, the rumoured couple remains discreet about their relationship, evading paparazzi whenever possible.

Similar to other Bollywood pairs, Ibrahim and Palak seem keen on preserving the focus on their professional careers rather than inviting public scrutiny into their personal lives.

Notably, this isn't the first time the duo has been spotted together; they were previously captured during New Year's Eve in January.

However, Ibrahim concealed his face during the encounter, a tactic consistent with their efforts to maintain privacy. 

Sources close to the rumored couple, as reported by Hindustan Times, confirmed that Ibrahim and Palak have been romantically involved for some time. However, the pair remains committed to keeping their private lives away from the public spotlight.

"Ibrahim and Palak have found a happy place with each other, and are dating. They like to spend time with each other. However, they want to keep their private lives out of the public glare," said the source.