Cassian Baliarsingh

Who doesn’t love superstar Salman Khan and veteran actress Madhuri Dixit’s iconic movie ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’? The blockbuster movie tells the story of Prem (Salman Khan) and Madhuri (Nisha) and their love sacrifice for the former’s elder brother Rajesh (Mohnish Bahl). 

Rajesh is left behind with a son after the death of his wife Pooja (Renuka Shahane); so, Prem and Nisha decided to sacrifice their love for them. We have all grown up watching the superhit romantic movie, but never in our wildest dream would have thought that this could happen in real life too.

A woman has sought internet’s help after being forced by her mother to marry her dead sister’s husband like Madhuri (Nisha). The unnamed woman took to Reddit and revealed, how shocked she was after learning about her mother’s plans.

“I am beyond appalled, disgusted and just shocked. I’ve got no one I can tell this to yet, and I need to get it off my chest,” she wrote. Revealing further, the 23-year-old woman wrote that her elder sister passed away four months back, leaving behind six children.

“We have been by their side every step of the way in dealing with her absence and their grief. Regardless of the situation, my sister’s husband Roger is making inappropriate comments and telling me how I resemble my sister the most,” the woman shared.

“My mother feels that the kids need a mother and Roger a wife and since I am an identical copy of my sister, I’m being forced to take on these roles,” she added. However, she is against the idea of such marriage. 

Fortunately for her, her sister’s in-laws and Roger’s parents are not on board with the decision and stand by her.