Actress Samantha has urged her fans and well-wishers to be gentle with themselves and remember that even the smallest step forward is still a step towards who they were becoming.

Despite having a torrid year on the personal front, Samantha has put out a New Year wish that spreads hope, kindness and positivity.

The actress, who took to social media to wish her fans a happy new year, wrote, "If your biggest achievement this year was simply making it this far, simply waking up in the morning when you didn't want to face the day, simply surviving - that is something to celebrate, too.

"Keep finding the things that make you believe in your healing. Be gentle with yourself and never forget that even the smallest step forward is still a step towards who you are becoming. We are in this together. 2022 ??.Stronger. Wiser. Kinder."

Similarly, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut shared what she wishes for 2022. She says this year she wants less of police complaints and FIRs and more love letters.

The actress, who is known for speaking her mind, took to Instagram, where she shared a motley of pictures praying at a temple, very close to Tirupati Balaji. She even performed some rituals.

Kangana captioned the images: "There is only one Rahu Ketu temple in the world…. It's very close to Tirupati Balaji…performed some rituals there …. Out of five elemental Lingas, Vayo (air element) Linda is also situated here … Quite a remarkable place."

She added: "I went there to have the mercy of my beloved enemies, in this year I want less Police complaints / FIRs and more love letters…. Jai Rahu Ketu ji ki."

Speaking about her work, Kangana is gearing up for her next 'Dhaakad', an action thriller, which was slated for an April 8, 2022 release. It has now been pushed to May 2022.

She also has 'Tejas'. The movie revolves around a daring female pilot played by Kangana and is based on how women pilots can play an important role in keeping our nation safe from external forces. It is a tribute to the brave soldiers of the country.