Poonam Singh

Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Orry, has become a social media sensation, frequently seen mingling with Bollywood star kids and establishing a unique rapport with the paparazzi. The mystery surrounding Orry's profession has intrigued many, but recent reports suggest that he is about to make his television debut on the highly acclaimed reality show, Bigg Boss 17.

According to sources cited by E-Times, Orry is slated to enter the Bigg Boss 17 house as a wildcard contestant. He is expected to shoot his entry sequence with the show's charismatic host, Salman Khan, who will introduce him to both the audience and the contestants inside the house.

However, it remains uncertain whether Orry will be a temporary entrant or stay until the show's conclusion. Recent paparazzi encounters have fuelled speculation about Orry's participation. 

When questioned about his possible entry into the Bigg Boss house during the Farrey screening in Mumbai, Orry responded with a smile, playfully asking, "Kaunsa boss?" (Which boss?). The anticipation surrounding Orry's role in the show has only intensified with these recent developments.

Aside from Orry, media reports also suggest that wildcard contestants like Soniya Bansal, Rakhi Sawant, and her estranged husband Adil Durrani will add further intrigue and drama.