Poonam Singh

As Jin celebrates his birthday on December 4, this playlist of standout solo tracks not only showcases his vocal prowess but also highlights his versatility as an artist. Each song is a chapter in Jin's musical journey, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the ARMY worldwide. 

"Awake" (2016)

Released on October 10, 2016, as the ninth track for BTS' ‘Wings’ album, "Awake" showcases Jin's captivating piano ballad skills. A Christmas version released on December 4, 2016, added a festive touch, making it a special gift for fans. 

“Epiphany” (Love Yourself: Answer)

As the intro for the final part of BTS’ ‘Love Yourself’ album series, "Epiphany" reveals Jin's realization of self-worth. The live experience of this track during concerts leaves the audience in a mesmerized trance, echoing the profound message it carries.

 “Tonight” (2019 FESTA Song)

Jin's first solo song outside of a BTS album, "Tonight," delves into personal emotions as he pens lyrics in memory of his departed pets. The song beautifully expresses the fear of losing someone dear, creating a heartfelt connection with the listeners.

“Moon” (Map of The Soul: 7)

A delightful gift to fans, "Moon" sees Jin comparing himself to the moon and the ARMY to the earth. The cheerful vibes of the beats and melody leave listeners smiling, solidifying the bond between the artist and his dedicated fanbase.

“Abyss” (Solo Song)

Released as a surprise for fans on his birthday in 2020, "Abyss" provides a glimpse into Jin's emotional state at the time. The personal and introspective lyrics convey his desire to find light amidst the darkness, showcasing his vulnerability through music.

“Super Tuna” (Solo Song)

In a surprising turn, Jin's cheery and lighthearted "Super Tuna" gained unexpected popularity. This song, while not delving into deep lyrics, serves as a perfect dose of distraction and laughter, reflecting Jin's ability to explore various musical styles.

“The Astronaut” (Solo Song) ft. Coldplay

Marking his first solo single and a collaboration with Coldplay, "The Astronaut" holds deep symbolism. The song beautifully portrays the bond between BTS and ARMY, assuring fans that even though Jin may have to leave for a while, they will endure together. It's a heartfelt message of reassurance and unity.