Poonam Singh

She is young, energetic, talented, and dedicated... Meet the 20-year-old 'Kota Factory' fame actress Urvi Singh who has become an internet darling because of reasons which are just opposite to why Urfi Javed is now an internet sensation.

While Urfi is known for her quirky and eccentric fashion, Urvi’s fashion game is quite different from the latter. 

Urvi has become an internet darling with her portrayal of a chirpy, bubbly teenage girl in web series like Crushed, and Kota Factory 2. Her 'the girl next door' image has helped her own internet users' hearts.

Unlike Urfi who is mostly known for his bold avatars, Urvi is trying to make her work speak for her rather than her bold images.

Lucknow girl Urvi Singh says that she has been lucky to be in the right place at the right time. She also feels that hailing from the Hindi belt has worked in her favour.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Urvi revealed how she bagged her Kota factory role thanks to her braces.

“I was giving a lot of auditions but my braces were a deterrent. During Kota... auditions, they were looking for a simple and studious girl. My braces and zero-power specs that I had bought style marne ke liye, perfectly suited my character and I bagged the role of Meenal that gave me an identity in the industry,” said Urvi.

She also feels that her language helped her a lot; Urvi revealed how she was able to take a break from the Curshed workshop and was able to shoot for a song during the time.

“Playing a Lucknow girl was an added advantage for me as to date I speak the local language. Hailing from the Hindi belt has always been an advantage for me and makers acknowledge my diction and dialect,” added Urvi.

Here are some of Urvi’s Photo which showcases her the girl next-door image: