Poonam Singh

A major controversy has erupted over a kissing scene in Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone starrer Fighter movie which was released on January 25.

As per reports, a Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force officer has slapped a legal notice on the filmmakers for the controversial kissing scene in the movie in uniform.

The scene, reportedly occurring in the movie's climax has stirred controversy, particularly drawing the ire of an Indian Air Force (IAF) officer who has taken legal action against the film's production team.

The sequence, reportedly set in the film's climax, features the protagonists, played by Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan, portraying IAF Squadron Leaders Mini Rathore and Shamsher Pathania, respectively. The scene depicts the two uniformed officers expressing their rekindled love through a passionate kiss.

The legal notice, titled "Legal Notice for Defamation, Insult, and Negative Impact of Indian Air Force and its Officers," expresses the officer's concern about the portrayal of an intimate moment between uniformed personnel, deeming it disrespectful to the valour and prestige of the IAF, particularly given the elite status of the characters, said an India TV report.

The notice underscores the significance of the Indian Air Force uniform, emphasizing it as more than just clothing but a powerful symbol representing an unwavering commitment to duty, national security, and selfless service. 

''It embodies the highest ideals of sacrifice, discipline, and unwavering dedication to protecting our nation. By utilizing this sacred symbol for a scene promoting personal romantic entanglements, the film grossly misrepresents its inherent dignity and devalues the profound sacrifices made by countless officers in service of our nation. Moreover, it normalizes inappropriate behaviour in uniform, setting a dangerous precedent that undermines the moral and ethical standards expected from those entrusted with safeguarding our borders,'' the notice further reads. 

Furthermore, the notice argues that the scene, featuring a passionate kiss on a runway within a technical area, is deemed grossly inappropriate and unbecoming of an IAF officer. It asserts that such a portrayal contradicts the high standards of discipline and decorum expected from individuals entrusted with safeguarding the nation's borders, setting a potentially detrimental precedent for the moral and ethical expectations placed on uniformed personnel.