Cassian Baliarsingh

Model and Femina Miss India contestant Navpreet Kaur who has been in the top five recently got a chance to live her dream for one day at superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’. The beauty contestant shared her unreal experience and netizens are going gaga over her luck.

Not to mention, she also shared a few adorable pictures of her day with SRK and his lovely family and netizens are already jealous of her. King Khan even made pizza for her and hosted her for dinner.

Sharing her story, Kaur wrote, “I promised myself I’ll never post it, but this memory is too precious to just keep it to myself.”

“Cheers to this oh so blessed day of my life at Mannat. The King @iamsrk himself baked a pizza and that too veg because ‘kuch Punjabi veg bhi hote hain’.”

“All the while I was at his house, I thought I was dreaming and someone was soon going to wake me up. I kept my calm and composure because I didn't want to freak out infront of him. When the excitement of sitting at the dining table with him, his family and Pooja was bubbling up, I excused myself and asked for the way to the washroom. He got up from his chair and like an unbelievably warm host, escorted me to the washroom door. At this point my heart wanted to scream out of excitement, so I looked at mirror in the room, and I found myself silently screaming out loud, over this unbelievable incident.  The dinner was served and I was full with one slice. My stomach was busy digesting my excitement.”

“Gauri is a darling. Abram is my new best friend, although he might not remember me in a couple of days. Aryan is such a warm, sweetheart, despite his angry-young-man looks. Suhana was busy slaying. Pooja is her iconic self, and I'm still refusing to believe that it wasn't a dream.”

“After we said goodbyes, his highness escorted me all the way down, where my cab was waiting and my cab driver didn’t waste the opportunity of taking a selfie with him,” she ended.

SRK fans are going crazy after the news and congratulated her for living the dream of millions of fans.

“U don’t even have an iota of idea how much luck God has given you. Please explain us the procedure of meeting him,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Yes yes I am crying now.”

A third user wrote, “Congratulations. I wish I were you. Let every fan’s dream come true. But how did you reach Mannat? Are you related to SRK?”