Cassian Baliarsingh

The very handsome Emraan Hashmi is riding high on the success of his movies Tiger 3 and OTT release ‘Showtime’. With back-to-back movies, Hashmi has become a busy man owing to several projects in his kitty.

Recently, during an interview, Emraan Hashmi revealed an anecdote about his personal life and said that his wife Parveen Shahani often threatens to leave him. Well, what could be the reason? Jokingly, Emraan Hashmi revealed that he has been eating the same meal for two years now. His wife Parveen is fed up with his food choices and jokingly threatens to leave him.

“My wife is thinking of leaving me. She keeps threatening but has not done it yet. She doesn’t like what I eat and I’ve been following this particular diet for two years. The salad has avocado, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, rocket leaves… Then I have keema and sweet potatoes. This is both meals, lunch and dinner,” Hashmi revealed.

Although his food habits upset his wife, Emraan is keen on maintaining a good physique and so doesn’t want to change his food diet.

“Just switch to sweet potatoes. So I’ve two staple meals every day and I’ve the same thing, every year. it’s extremely boring but I’ve chicken keema, because it’s kind of easy to digest, and it’s boiled. Then I’ve salad and sweet potatoes. My cook stocks it, makes it for like an entire week and we bifurcate through the day,” Emraan added.

Worth mentioning, Emraan and Parveen have been married for almost 24 years and have a son Ayaan Hashmi who is a cancer survivor.