Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The Badshah of Bollywood has bounced back with Pathaan and Jawan.
  • On the other hand, the last few movies of Prabhas have tanked at the box-office.

Dunki and Salaar Part 1 clash is scheduled to take place on December 22, 2023. Earlier it was rumoured that Shah Rukh Khan and the team have decided to postpone the release of Dunki to avoid a clash with Prabhas-led Salaar. But it is now confirmed that the clash is inevitable and rather both SRK and Rajkumar Hirani are planning to launch the teaser for the movie soon.

Interestingly, there has not been much update from Prashanth Neel and his team regarding the teaser or trailer for Salaar Part 1 which has left Prabha fans upset. So which movie seems to have an upper hand at present when it comes to winning at the box office?

Shah Rukh Khan is on fire

The Badshah of Bollywood has bounced back with Pathaan and Jawan and what is more, these movies have set milestones and records making Shah Rukh Khan once again the King of the box office. So it's guaranteed that the audience will flock to the theaters to watch Dunki. Prabhas is currently facing a lull in his career and most of his recent movies have been disasters. Critics believe that if he does not deliver a hit soon, he might stop getting good work in the days to come.

SRK now is a global star

Baahubali gave Prabhas global recognition. But as of now, he cannot boast of being either a pan-India or a global star. On the other hand, Khan already has a tremendous following overseas as is evident from his recent releases. Secondly, he has now captured the hearts of even the South Indian audience with Jawan hence Dunki is expected to get a good response globally, in the South, and of course in Bollywood.

For Prabhas, Hyderabad is the capital, and Salaar: Part 1 will get a good response in the South. But after the dismal performance of Radhe Shyam and Adipurush, it is most unlikely that the pan-India audience will go to theaters to watch Prabhas.

Raj Kumar Hirani has a splendid track record

Hirani has a splendid track record. So does Prashanth Neel. But Neel is more known for his KGF franchise which is an action-oriented and violent film. Ditto with Salaar where Prabhas is going to play a violent man. On the other hand, Hirani has always experimented with his topics and has a social message for everyone. Although light-hearted his movies unveil an entirely different perspective which is why the curiosity behind Dunki is much greater as fans have a little bit of understanding of what can be expected from a Prashanth Neel movie.

SRK’s versatility has made him successful

Shah Rukh Khan until a couple of years ago was known as a romantic hero who preferred doing films with soft romantic stories. Although he did act in a few different flicks like Swades or Chak De India, his image was that of a romantic hero. But with Jawan and Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan has proved that he can be a big action hero matching Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn in stunts given the chance.

For Prabhas, Baahubali has been the high point. Post that it seems he has stopped growing as an actor and looks the same in most of his movies. Until and unless he changes his attitude toward the movies and works hard to get into character things may not work for him.

Shah Rukh has a strong social media presence

The Bollywood superstar of late is quite active on social media and has a strong PR machinery operating 24/7 for him which is why his popularity has escalated in the last few years once again. Prabhas is a recluse who struggles to say a few words even during promotions and this may work against him when the clash between Dunki and Salaar Part 1 happens.