Poonam Singh

Divyendu Sharmaa's portrayal of Munna Bhaiya in the Mirzapur series garnered particular praise for his nuanced performance with both emotional depth and swagger. In a recent interview, Sharmaa discussed the significance of the role and entertained fan theories regarding Munna Bhaiya's potential return in the next season.

Sharmaa expressed how crucial the character of Munna Bhaiya was for him, highlighting his desire to break away from previous typecasting as the "boy next door" and explore more complex and layered roles. He emphasized the delight he found in portraying a character with such depth and complexity on screen.

Divyendu Sharmaa also spoke about Munna Bhaiya’s comeback on Mirzapur season 3 as per fan theories. On a fan theory to Bollywood Hungama, Sharmaa said, “2% of people in the world have their heart on the right side. It’s a deformity or whatever you want to call it. So fans are suggesting as Munna Bhaiya says he can’t be killed when Golu pointed the gun on his right side, he directed the gun to his left side. He has this syndrome that his heart is on the right side, and when she shoots, she is not shooting him in the heart. And he will come back.”

Referring to the rare condition where a person's heart is located on the right side of the chest, he explained how fans speculate that Munna's survival instinct may be linked to this anomaly. By directing a potential fatal shot away from his heart, Munna could theoretically cheat death and make a comeback in future seasons.

Reflecting on Munna Bhaiya's journey throughout the series, Sharmaa touched upon the character's innocence, particularly in the first season. Despite his ruthless actions, Munna's motivations were often driven by a desire to gain his father's approval. Sharmaa suggested that Munna's extreme actions were fuelled by this need for validation, even to the point of endangering himself.

In retrospection, Sharmaa expressed a desire to counsel Munna Bhaiya to temper his ambitions and not succumb to unnecessary stress in the pursuit of his father’s approval. 

While fans are still debating the return of Munna Bhaiya in Season 3, Divyendu has confirmed he is not returning in the third season of Mirzapur but fans seem to not believe it and think that Munna Bhaiya will rise from the ashes and make a striking comeback in the show.