Poonam Singh

Renowned for his intellect and musical prowess, BTS leader RM, also known as Kim Namjoon, recently completed his basic military training alongside bandmate Kim Taehyung (V). The duo stood out as "Elite Graduate Trainees," earning accolades for their exceptional performance in the 27th Recruit Training Regiment.

RM's journey in the military took a poignant turn during his graduation ceremony, where he delivered a pre-recorded video message. In the speech, he candidly shared his experiences as an older enlistee, expressing anxieties about joining at a comparatively advanced age. 

Notably, he highlighted the camaraderie forged during a memorable night march, emphasizing the importance of basic military training in a divided Korea.

However, the speech became a catalyst for intense discussions within the BTS fandom, ARMY, particularly on social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter). Fans found themselves divided into distinct camps regarding the authenticity and intent behind RM's words.

A significant faction expressed skepticism, raising concerns about possible coercion and asserting that the content did not align with RM's public worldview. Doubts about sincerity emerged, as some fans questioned whether the speech was a genuine reflection of RM's thoughts or a carefully crafted narrative.

Conversely, another group commended RM for his effort to share a positive perspective and provide reassurance to younger trainees navigating the unfamiliar enlistment process. They saw the speech as a genuine attempt to uplift spirits and build camaraderie.

A third faction took a critical stance, arguing that the speech, being a personal account, should be excluded from public debate or discussion.