Poonam Singh

BTS, the South Korean boyband with a massive global following, continues to inspire creativity and admiration. Recently, artist Han Young Joon showcased his profound love for BTS leader Kim Namjoon, widely known as RM, by crafting an exquisite wooden portrait of the singer.

Sharing his intricate work on Instagram, Han Young Joon's video documented the step-by-step process of carving RM's portrait onto a wooden canvas. The caption, "Carving artwork in progress. Namjoon RM BTS. Acrylic painting art artist BTSfanart," accompanied the mesmerizing footage.

The video portrayed the artist meticulously using a sharp carving tool, bringing RM's image to life on the wooden surface. The vibrant play of colours in shades of blue, yellow, red, pink, green, and orange contributed to a visually captivating portrayal of the BTS leader. The artwork not only showcased the artist's exceptional craftsmanship but also reflected his dedication in capturing RM's persona with utmost precision.

Every stroke of the carving tool highlighted the intensity of RM's gaze, the intricacies of his facial features, and the overall structure of the singer's countenance. The artist skillfully removed the excess colour, drawing thin lines on the wooden canvas, resulting in a remarkable portrait that mirrors the charismatic BTS leader. The concluding moments of the video showcased small, colourful wooden fragments surrounding the image, adding a unique aesthetic appeal to the artwork.

The artistic tribute quickly garnered widespread acclaim online, with admirers commending the artist's mastery. One impressed viewer noted, "What an excellent combination of colours, and the shapes of the coloured fragments and their location perfectly emphasize Namjoon’s unique features."