Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Yesteryear Tamil actress Vichitra recently revealed her casting couch experience on Bigg Boss Tamil 7.
  • Supporter of #Metoomovement singer Chinmayi Sripada has come out with strong reaction.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 contestant and veteran actress Vichitra has made some shocking revelations regarding her casting couch experience recently. Known for playing roles in movies like Muthu and Rasigan, Vichitra inside the house revealed that she had to quit the movies post her marriage due to inappropriate behaviour. The 50-year-old actress recalled her casting couch experience that she faced more than two decades ago.

What got Vichitra talking about his particular incident was the task given to the contestants inside the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house. According to the task, each contestant had to relate an incident from their lives that triggered a major change or was a turning point in their respective lives.

That is when Vichitra opened up about her horrible experience that took place when she was shooting for a Tamil movie in 2001 featuring a top Tamil actor. Vichitra even complained about the same to the union when she was back in Chennai but there was no action on their part. Rather she was questioned why she was complaining to the union or Nadigar Sangam instead of approaching the police.

Narrating the exact incident that she faced Vichitra said, “There was a party, where I met a very famous hero. He didn’t even ask my name and asked me to come to his room. I was shocked because I didn’t understand what kind of gesture that was. I went back to my room and slept, but I began facing issues during the shoot. I’ve never faced such issues in Tamil cinema ,”

Vichitra further claimed, “I felt someone touching me inappropriately and at first I thought it was a mistake. When I caught the guy and took him to the stunt master, he slapped me in front of the entire unit. It left me with bruises. I couldn’t tell my parents, so I told my friend who encouraged me to complain to the union.”

Fans deduced that she was talking about a movie titled Bhalevadevi Basu that featured Balakrishna in the lead and slammed the actor on social media. Now singer Chinmayi Sripada who has always spoken in favour of #Metoomovement has come out with a strong reaction to Vichitra’s claims.

Chinmayi in her post said, “Even when said immediately - there is no use. In this land, politicians will support abusers".