Cassian Baliarsingh

Bigg Boss 17 viewers were left in shock after contestant Vicky Jain tried to slap his wife and actress Ankita Lokhande following a minor argument. A video of the incident is now going viral on social media.

In the video, we can see Vicky and Ankita sitting on their bed while Abhishek Kumar is seen standing. Both Vicky Jain and Abhishek got into a fight over some food items. As soon as Ankita tries to intervene, Vicky Jain gets angrier and it seems like he was trying to slap Ankita.

He then throws the blanket away and gets out of bed as he continues to fight with Abhishek. Vicky’s behaviour left Ankita stunned while Abhishek and Arun Mashettey were speechless. However, Vicky refuted the claims and said that he was only trying to throw away his blanket.

The video has not gone with netizens who slammed him for his behaviour.

“Seen many couple in the bb house, but #Ankitalokhande and #Vickyjain are the worst toxic couple to have ever come on the show. They are so toxic that they use divorce in every small arguments. Both the personality is rotten to the core, and now slapping,” commented a fan.

Another fan wrote, “This pathetic person #VickyJain was about to slap #AnkitaLokhande. Had it been his home, he would have slapped her. #ArunMashettey & #AbhishekKumar are not exaggerating the facts. And Ankita is still defending him. Where is her fake pride??”

“This is disgusting,I feel bad for #AnkitaLokhande she should leave this ghatiya aadmi bruh😭 #VickyJain Sachme #AnkitaLokhande𓃟 Ko thappad marne wala tha wtf🙂” shared another fan.