Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Vicky Kaushal's Sam Bahadur movie based on the life of Sam Manekshaw will release on December 2.
  • The legendary Field Marshal of India left an indelible mark on the Indian Army with his discipline and dedication.

Meghna Gulzar helmed Sam Bahadur-movie based on the life of independent India’s first Field Marshal is all set to release on December 1. Vicky Kaushal as Sam Manekshaw has impressed everyone and even the screenings organised for leading Bollywood celebs and press people have received rave reviews.

While Vicky has poured his heart and soul into the film, the real Manekshaw has been a cult figure for the Indian Army having directed India to perform some daunting tasks under his able leadership.

7 bullets and a war prisoner

Sam Manekshaw was a lieutenant during the Second World War. He was shot 7 bullets by a Japanese machine gun but when the doctors inquired, he just said that someone hit him from the back and laughed it out.

Sam even surprised the Australian doctors at the Red Cross with his wit and courage despite being in such big pain. Shortly after that, an injured Sam was captured by the Japanese as a war prisoner.

He remained in a cell in the Prisoner of War Camp. But injured Manekshaw never lost his hope and spirit. Instead, he developed a cricket team inside the prison and defeated the Japanese team. Born to a doctor father in Amritsar Sam also wanted to become a doctor since childhood.

But when his father refused to send him to London for further studies in a fit of rebellion, young Sam took the military entrance exam and got selected.

Impressed senior military officer

He became a soldier in the East Indian Army and was first posted on the Eastern boundaries. The place was full of difficulties with no proper accommodation and water facilities for the soldiers. Manekshaw took the responsibility to improve these conditions developed an underground water tank and started building a house for soldiers.

These improvements earned him huge respect from his fellow soldiers. During a surprise visit when a senior officer saw these improvements, he became very impressed and proposed Manekshaw a post in a better city that would ultimately lead to his promotion.

However, Manekshaw said that he is aware that after shifting his base he will surely get a promotion very fast but he is happy where he is and since he has more plans to develop this place, he would like to continue staying in this part for some more time.

These words left the senior officer perplexed but also made such an impact on his mind that he said, “Manekshaw you are a rare breed of men who believe in doing better work than promotion. You will go a long way in the Army.” Not surprisingly, Sam Manekshaw proved him right by serving army for more than four decades.