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Anupama's life continues to be a roller coaster with highs and lows. Currently in India for Dimple and Titu's wedding, Anu faces challenges from Vanraj, who continues to humiliate her. Meanwhile, Anuj Kapadia's presence adds new dynamics to her life.

In the upcoming episode, Anu and Anuj recreate the iconic chappal scene. A new promo reveals Anu going vegetable shopping with Devika. With Mr. Gulati unavailable, Anu takes charge despite her fear of cooking due to past humiliations in America. Winning the Superstar Chef Competition and co-owning Spice & Chutney turned sour when she was stripped of her title, leaving her scarred. However, Devika encourages her, reminding her of her strength as Annapurna.

Anuj enters and complains about not finding the perfect tea, which Anu offers him. She mentions making it for her brother Bhavesh, who left without drinking it. Anuj gulps it down quickly. Later, Anu struggles with her chappals, leading to a nostalgic moment between Anu and Anuj.

Meanwhile, according to the report, Anu and Anuj will uncover the truth behind Gulati's role in framing her and tarnishing Spice and Chutney's reputation in the upcoming episodes. 

Shruti, feeling threatened by Anuj's rekindled closeness with Anu, joins hands with Gulati against her. Aadhya, discovering Shruti's betrayal, decides to confront Anuj but faces danger when Shruti puts her life at risk to prevent exposure.

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Will Anuj and Anupama be able to save Adhya from Shurti and Adhya will realize her mistake and reveal the truth to her parents. Or will Shruti be able to turn Adhya against Anu will be interesting to see in the upcoming episode.

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