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  • Nana Patekar and Rishi Kapoor worked together in Hum Duno released in 1995.
  • Recently the Krantiveer actor recalled how Chintuji used to abuse on the sets.

Nana Patekar is a highly accomplished actor. But he is equally well known for his eccentric nature and high temper. There have been reports of Nana going overboard in his anger during several shoots. However, he faced a similar experience when Nana Patekar and Rishi Kapoor collaborated on a Shafi Inamdaar-directed movie Hum Duno in 1995.

While Nana is a theatre actor first, Rishi Kapoor has always been a film actor. Since he achieved massive success with his debut movie Bobby, Chintuji never had to look back. But that became a problem when Nana and Rishi started shooting together. Recently during an interview , the Prahaar actor-director said that Rishi Kapoor never wanted to give a second take even though the first take did not turn out well.

On the other hand, being from a theatre background, Nana always insisted that more takes should be given until both the director and the actors involved in the scene are satisfied. Recalling his experience of working with the Henna actor, Nana said, “Gaali bohot deta tha woh (he would abuse a lot) Arey!”. He would get annoyed a lot. He would give only one take and not more and say, ‘We are extempore, not like you theatre guys, kya bakwaas baat karta hai, chal.”

The Krantiveer actor said that Rishi Kapoor would get angry whenever he was asked to give another take. By the time he was asked to give fifth take, the anger of Rishi Kapoor would hit another level. Narrating one incident Nana Patekar said, “I once asked him to give another shot as the first one was terrible. He said, ‘Who is the director here? Shafi or you? Hatao yaar isko.‘ He gave the second take, which was also bad. I told him, ‘Chintu ye bakwaas hai’, and he then started abusing me. Itni gandi gaaliyan! By the fifth take he was like, ‘Now I will hit you!’ but that was the best take! That was the take that made it to the film. When I came for dubbing, I told him see it was retained, and he said (annoyed), ‘Ha theek hai yaar.’ We spoke a lot after he went for his treatment.”

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