Poonam Singh

Anupamaa is one of the most popular shows on television right now. A lot of interesting twists in the serial is keeping the audience glued to it. Viewers are interested in the current track of Pakhi's dance performance.

Pakhi in the past episodes had been disrespectful to her mother after Kavya instilled in her mind that Anu doesn't give her the same attention and love that she gives to Kinjal and Nandini. 

Pakhi then paired up with Kavya for her dance competition and left Anupama behind accusing her of not loving and caring for her. 

Pakhi declared that she will win the competition with her bestie Kavya and prove that she doesn't need her mother. 

Even though Pakhi has been ignoring Anupama, Anu being Anu often tries to help Pakhi. 

On the competition day, also without being worried about her own performance, Anu is more worried about Pakhi. She ponders if Pakhi has completed her makeup and if she has eaten anything or not.

As Pakhi had asked Anu not to be present during her performance, she decided to leave but later hides near the stage to see Pakhi's performance.
However, Kavya leaves the competition and Pakhi at the last moment due to an interview call. 

Pakhi goes everywhere in search of Kavya but she does not find her. She gets tensed about her performance thinking that she might not be able to perform and is completely heartbroken.

Unable to find her, Pakhi becomes restless and is about to faint when Anu comes and holds her. 

She helps Pakhi to calm down. Pakhi now realises her mistake and begs Anu to dance with her. The mother-daughter duo then performs a fusion piece on 'Udi Teri Aankoh' leaving the judges impressed. 

However, the Shah family is shocked to see Paki And Anu performing together. 

It will be interesting to see, what Kavya does now after that the pair of Pakhi and Anu has won the competition.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)