Cassian Baliarsingh

While actresses of her age are playing the roles of mothers, actress Rupali Ganguly is running the television world at the age of 46. She broke the stereotype of playing ‘mother’ roles on TV and took the lead role in ‘Anupamaa’. 

Over the years, the show has become the most watched and the favourite show. The popularity of the show reached such heights that even PM Narendra Modi shared a ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign video featuring Rupali Ganguly. PM Modi shared the video and praised everyone associated with the show.

Meanwhile, Rupali thanked the PM for the wonderful gesture and described herself as a big Modi supporter. “For me, our Prime Minister is a star who has taken the country to new heights. Today, I can proudly say that I am from Modi ji’s country. He is my hero,” she expressed.


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She continued, “When I got the opportunity to be part of the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, I was thrilled. Being associated with something he believes is so deeply was a significant moment for me. And when he shared the video on his page that day, I felt like I had achieved everything.”

She further mentioned that Modi ji sharing the video was wonderful and unreal for her. She never expected such a sweet gesture from the Prime Minister.