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  • Alia Bhatt had said she does not consume sugar on The Kapil Sharma Show.
  • Now the same statement has put her in a spot.

Celebrities and endorsements are a common thing and it is expected that more often these Bollywood stars endorse and promote those products that they never will think of using for themselves. The health-conscious A-listed stars swear by their healthy diet and usually avoid junk foods and sugary drinks. So, when Alia Bhatt claimed during one of the episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show that she never consumes sugar, it did not surprise anyone rather she got full marks from her fans for following a healthy lifestyle.

However, this statement of Aaloo has now put her in a spot as netizens have slammed her for her hypocrisy. The Frooti advertisements featuring the Raazi actress have been going around since the start of the summer. As usual, these new campaigns show the Bollywood star endorsing the sugary drink and this has made netizens angry.

In a series of tweets, users slammed the actress for promoting something she will never drink or use. Apart from Frooti, the actress also features in ads for Cornetto ice cream, Perk as well as chocolate cookies. All these products come under sugary and junk foods which Alia can never think of consuming in her real life.

A user said that these celebrities will sell even poison for money whereas another user pointed out how big stars like Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, and Shah Rukh Khan promote gutka but will never allow their children to consume them as they are dangerous to health. Very recently, the Khiladi Kumar was slammed by his fans for being a part of the ‘Jubaan Kesari” campaign of a gutka company.

In response, Akshay later apologised for being a part of the campaign and stated that he will stop endorsing the brand.

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