Cassian Baliarsingh

The gorgeous Alia Bhatt slammed paparazzi and a media house for invading her privacy and clicking her private pictures while she was sitting in her living room. The Brahmastra actress took to her Instagram to share a collage of two pictures (clicked secretly by photographers of a media house) and slammed them for invading her privacy.

Her angry caption reads, “Are you kidding me? I was at my house having a perfectly normal afternoon sitting in my LIVING ROOM when I felt something watching me… I looked up and saw two men on the terrace of my neighbouring building with a camera right at me!”

“In what world is this okay and allowed? This is a gross invasion of someone’s privacy! There’s a line you just cannot cross and it’s safe to say all lines were crossed today! @mumbaipolice,” the actress added.

She also tagged the Mumbai police in the post and sought action although she has not officially registered any complaint in this connection.

In the pictures, the actress can be seen comfortably sitting in her living room and going through her phone. Earlier, during her pregnancy days also Alia had called out a media report of Ranbir Kapoor travelling to UK to bring his wife home when Alia was filming her Hollywood debut Heart of Stone in London.

Similarly, actress Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli had called out a publication to stop invading her privacy while she was pregnant with her first baby.