Cassian Baliarsingh

Ghulam Maya Din, hailing from a small village from Bharot in remote hilly areas of Pirpanjal of Thanamandi tehsil, Rajouri district in Jammu & Kashmir, has secured an impressive AIR 388 in the recently announced UPSC CSE 2023.

Earlier, he had cracked the NEET and studied medicine at Government Medical College Jammu before clearing the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Service (JKAS) examinations.

Speaking to ANI, Ghulam Maya Din attributed his success to his family, especially his parents and sisters.

“Indeed, it wouldn't have been possible without family support, especially my parents and sisters, their contribution has been invaluable. I do not see it as a struggle but a cost that has to be paid to qualify for this exam,” said Ghulam.

He further added, “People from our area have to face hardships like access to a better education but with the ease of information, things are getting better now. I would say that the friction or gap that used to be there between Rajouri and Jammu, has been breached. This will continue, and I think it will be easier for aspirants living in remote areas to prepare for such examinations in the coming days.”

“Moreover, there is a mental block among people here that such prestigious exams are not for us. But my success would pave the way for other students and aspirants to pursue their dream of becoming IPS, IAS and other civil servants,” he added.

Giving advice to other aspirants, Ghulam advised that students should avoid distractions, make smart use of social media, and maintain focus and curiosity, not only for UPSC but other prestigious government exams.