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The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023 has finally been released and as expected, the University of Oxford has once again topped the ranking list- for 7th time in a row.

As per THE World University Rankings, the University of Oxford (UK) is followed by the University of Harvard (US) and the University of Cambridge (UK).

A total of 1,799 universities from as many as 104 countries and regions have been ranked this year which is 137 more than last year's rankings.

The US continues to dominate with 177 universities ranked overall, including seven in the world's top ten, and 12 in the top 20. However, the number of US universities represented in the top 100 continues to fall from 43 in 2018 to 34 this year.

Meanwhile, Asia is the most represented continent with 669 universities participating, jointly with Europe (639, up 50 from 589 last year).

Here is the list of top 25 universities based on THE Rankings 2023:

1- University of Oxford, United Kingdom

2- Harvard University, United States

3- University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

4- Stanford University, United States

5- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

6- California Institute of Technology, United States

7- Princeton University, United States

8- University of California, Berkeley

9- Yale University, United States

10- Imperial College London, United Kingdom

11- Columbia University, United States

12- ETH Zurich, Switzerland

13- The University of Chicago, United States

14- University of Pennsylvania, United States

15- Johns Hopkins University, United States

16- Tsinghua University, China

17- Peking University, China

18- University of Toronto, Canada

19- National University of Singapore, Singapore

20- Cornell University, United States

What are the performance indicators?

There are four areas by taking into account which the performance of an institution is measured. Check the four indicators below:

- Teaching

- Research

- Knowledge transfer 

- International outlook

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