Cassian Baliarsingh

Growing up, we are told to study hard and get a good degree that will ensure a good job and in return a better life. This is the mentality of most Indians during the growing days. This belief system has been going on forever.

However, have you ever asked yourself: ‘What if I become an entrepreneur and become my own boss?’

It is understandable that with no family background and parental property, owning a new business is really challenging. But, with the emergence of social media, online retail stores, online selling, and online business, one can do a lot.

If you are willing to quit your regular 9 to 5 job and follow your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, here is a special message by IAS coach Vikas Divyakirti.

In his message, Divyakirti ji said, “Aaj aap dhai lakh rupay kamate hain, lekin apka bacha phirse 30 hajar se shuru karega. Puri struggle waisi ki waisi karega (Today, you are earning Rs 1.5L, but your child will start from Rs 30,000. They have to struggle and start from scratch).”

“Lekin agar aap udyami hote toh apka bacha wahan se shuru karta jahan apne choda hai. Aur puri ek pidhi ki mehnat apko extra milti jo job main nahin milegi (But, if you were an entrepreneur, you child would start from where you have left. He/She would accumulate the wealth of one generation),” he added.

He further stated, “Isliye naukri achi hai, par itni bhi achi nahin hai ki, uske liye pagal ho jana hai (so job is ok, but not so great that you will go crazy for it).”

This beautiful message by Divyakirti has been going viral on social media with netizens echoing his opinion.