Vikash Sharma

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar has revised the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to make the campus free from Covid-19 resurgence.

The revised SOP will be strictly implemented in the campus from November 1 (tomorrow). As per information shared by IIT Bhubaneswar on its website, maintaining of social distancing and wearing masks will be mandatory for all.

Anyone caught without wearing masks will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 500 for the first violation and the penalty would double in case of subsequent violations. Only fully vaccinated personnel (one who has completed 2 weeks of time after administration of 2nd dose) are allowed inside the campus.

Single dose or non-vaccinated personnel are not allowed except for genuine cases and such cases need to be approved by concerned authorities of the institute, the official notification read.

The notice further states that students entering the hostel, have to undergo an RT-PCR test within 72 hours of arrival at the campus followed by 7 days quarantine.

“For any positive case that arises during this period, the quarantine period will be extended depending on the situation. This is applicable to those who complete a 7 days quarantine as on 1st November 2021,” the notice read.

Students, who are fully vaccinated and have completed 2 weeks of time span from 2nd dose, going to Bhubaneswar for medical reasons or for research or project work and return on the same day are allowed to visit the hospitals (for medical purposes), institutions and research centers (for official research/project work). However, the concerned student and associated faculty and staff need to certify that the place of visit is not a containment zone.

Following the certification, a student can come back to hostel, stay in own rooms, and take additional precautions to minimize the interaction with others. For other cases, where individual visits happen (vaccinated students and following protocols) need to be in isolation rooms for 3 days. However, for any symptomatic/medical cases, the medical unit will take care of quarantine, as and when required. Violation of the guidelines will lead to initiation of disciplinary action, the notice added.

(Edited By Suryakant Jena)