Cassian Baliarsingh

The fairy tale love story of IAS Charchit Gaur and IFS Arushi Mishra is like a sequence straight out of a Bollywood movie. Destiny orchestrated their union in the academic hub of Kota. What started as friendship turned into something deeper and later blossomed into love.

Now, they are happily married and give serious couple goals. While Charchit is serving as the Vice Chairman of the Agra Development Authority, Arushi is the Director and DFO of the National Chambal Sanctuary in Agra.

Their love story dates back to their struggling days in Kota. While Charchit was somewhat of a local celebrity due to his brilliant academic talent, the UP girl found herself drawn to his charisma. Her pursuit of JEE Mains preparation led her to Kota where Charchit was a local celebrity, renowned for his intellect and achievements.

He had been representing India in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) in Russia and even scored a perfect 500 out of 500. Newspaper headlines such as ‘Charchit makes Kota Famous, ‘Charchit, the talk of the town’, drew Arushi’s attention towards him.

Later, both of them went on to join IIT and it was during this time the two got to know each other. Their relationship from being just friends to lovebirds deepened during their IIT days. Later, Charchit went on to prepare for UPSC and secured an impressive AIR-96 to become an IAS officer in his very first attempt.

However, the UPSC journey wasn’t easy for Arushi. She had to face failures but was determined to succeed. Her hard work finally paid off in 2019 and she secured the second rank in the Indian Forest Service Examination.

During this phase, their relationship faced several trials and tribulations, but they always held each other’s hand firmly. Their love story, though not a total replica, it reminds us of the popular Bollywood movie 12th Fail.