Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Following Covid-19 induced uncertainties since the last three years, the Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) is all geared up and has taken an advanced step for the smooth conduct of the Annual Higher Secondary Examination - 2023 of Plus II final year students in offline mode starting from March 1.

Before two months, CHSE announced on Saturday that the important examination will commence from March 1 and continue till April 5. As per the council's announcement, the examination will be conducted with 100 per cent syllabus this year. 

However, the surge in Covid cases remains a huge concern for conducting the examination smoothly. On the other hand, experts are of the opinion that it will not be easy for the board to conduct the examination in a smooth manner along with the prevention of malpractice and question paper leaks.

According to experts, the surge in Covid-19 cases will pose a huge challenge before CHSE for the smooth conduct of the examination. Though, the board has cleared the air by announcing the date of the examination before two months, obstacles and confusion still shroud like black clouds.

As Covid is spreading its tentacle in neighbouring country China at a faster pace, a spike in infection in India in near future cannot be ruled out. Moreover, CHSE is grappling with problems like question paper leaks every year. Besides, it will be a herculean task for the board to make the examination transparent at places where there are no CCTV surveillance facilities.

Meanwhile, as per CHSE sources, the examination will not be conducted between March 10-19 as Odisha Matric Summative Assessment-2 Examination 2023 is likely to be conducted within that period. However, experts are dissatisfied over the long gap in between the examination as students will lose their concentration and focus during the 10-day gap.

“The long gap will affect the focus and concentration of the students. There is also a question over the transparency of examination at places with the absence of CCTV surveillance facilities,” said Santosh Kumar Rout, a lecturer of Fakir Mohan College.

CHSE has also announced that the number of examination centers and examination management hubs will be finalised by January 15. Like every year, flying squads will be formed to prevent copying during the examination. Elaborate arrangements are being made by the School and Mass Education Department to conduct the examination in a disciplined manner.

“We are confident of conducting the examination in a smooth manner. If Covid returns, the examination will be conducted as per the guidelines by the Health Department,” said School and Mass Education Minister Samir Ranjan Dash.

Meanwhile, students are excited as the examination will be conducted through offline mode and with 100 per cent syllabus.

“We are working very hard and practicing regularly to do well in the examination. However, the Covid scare has made us a bit uncertain about the offline examination,” said a student.