Vikash Sharma

The practical/ internal assessment of Class 10 and 12 students under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is scheduled to start in the first week of January 2024.

The CBSE had earlier released guidelines or SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that need to be followed by the schools for the conduct of the practical/ internal assessment. To ensure timely completion, the board has again sent a reminder to schools to ensure that the practical/ internal assessments are conducted without any hassles.

As per the CBSE guidelines, the schools have been asked to ensure that they receive the sufficient number of practical answer books before the schedule of the examination.

It is the responsibility of the schools to inform parents and students regarding the schedule, format and any specific requirements for the practical examinations, the CBSE notice read.

The CBSE has categorically asked school authorities to contact the examiners for smooth and timely conduct of examination process. As per the guidelines, identification of students with special needs or disabilities with proper and necessary accommodation to ensure that they can participate in the practical exams comfortably.

The notice further said that the students should appear in the practical examinations as per the schedule only. While uploading the marks, the school, internal examiner and the external examiner shall ensure correct marks are uploaded as no correction in the marks will be allowed once marks are uploaded.

For class 12, the schools are not authorised to make alternative arrangement of external examiner for conduct of practical/ project assessment at local level. Practical examination can only be conducted by an external examiner appointed by the Board.

“No change in the marks is allowed after finalisation and completion of process. In case, it is observed that directions of the Board have not been complied with by schools, the Board reserves its right to cancel the practical exams,” the CBSE notice added.