Different voices on PM: Sushma blames it on twitter constraint

New Delhi: BJP leader Sushma Swaraj on Saturday sought to downplay the divergent views expressed by her and the party after the Prime Minister owned responsibility for the CVC fiasco, saying there was "no difference" of opinion and blamed limitations of words in twitter for it.

"There is no difference within the party and between me and (Arun) Jaitley on the issue. The demands he (Jaitley) made, the Prime Minister had already spoken about it that he (Singh) will give a statement in Parliment.

"That is why I did not put it on the twitter… There is a constraint in twitter that you have to say things in 140 characters. So I did not put it on twitter," she said.

She was responding when pointed out that after the Prime Minister`s statement, she had said that the matter should end but Jaitley and party spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad had maintained that it was not enough and Singh needed to give a structured response in Parliament.

"Newspapapers have tried to show difference between me and Jaitley. The only difference is that he demanded a statement from the PM in Parliament. In fact PM had said that he (Singh) will make a statement in Parliament," she sought to explain.

The Prime Minister yesterday told reporters in Jammu that he accepted the responsibility concerning the CVC fiasco.

Soon after, Swaraj wrote on the twitter, "I appreciate the statement of the Prime Minister owning responsibility for the appointment of CVC, which has been quashed by the Supreme Court. I think this is enough. Let matters rest at this and we move forward."