Designer new gift for Kolkata

Kolkata: Bringing back the aura of the ancient `Bharat` replete with its splendor and glory, flamboyant designer Rohit Bal has stamped his skill with robes on home decor and architecture this time as Veda, the theme destination, was unveiled on Sunday evening.

"Let`s do it in Kolkata this time, the city of discerning audiences. This city never fails to honour a work of art. Veda is my gift to the city of (Rabindranath) Tagore and (Satyajit) Ray," Bal said as the architectural spendour showcasing various oriental influences including Mughal minaret work was unveiled on Sunday evening.

Intensely concerned with design as an art form, the world-famed fashion designer drew on history, fantasy and folklores in Indian scriptures to conjure an impression of the bygone era and bring back the magic.

No detailing should jar, or stick out, the visitor should have equal visual and culinary experience, which should gel, as designing is an art manifested in each and every walk robes, home interiors, food everywhere Bal had empahsised as work for the place got underway.

"The culinary aspect and the ornately-designed interiors should compliment each other," he told Alok Aggarwal, the partner in business.

"I have brought Veda to Kolkata to give the connoisseurs of art a real aesthetic treat in terms of visual time travel, talking back to the Mughal phase, as well as introducing him with the North-West frontier and mughal cuisines," Bal said.

"I wish to recreate the essence of opulence, luxury, class in the Veda as well," Bal, to be present at the place by the end of this month, told Aggarwal.

He emphasised the food to be served will celebrate the diversity of the cuisines reflected in the flickering light of the chandeliers, the red brick walls and the minarets.

"The Mughal element is found in the pillars also and the wall coverings, in the thekri on the dome at home centre signifying Rajputana glass work, while the black leather, high backrest underscores the Winchester style seating arrangement reminiscent of the days of Raj," Aggarwal, Chairman of Gateway Hospitality, said.