Delhi govt says no cause of worry

New Delhi: The Delhi government today appealed to the people of the city not to worry following reports of presence of drug-resistant bacteria in the capital`s tap water.

After a meeting with health experts and top officials of his department, Health Minister A K Walia said the report by international medical journal Lancet is not based on any epidemiological or clinical evidence.

"I have reviewed the issue of NDM1, superbug bacteria in the capital`s environment and its implications for human health. There is no cause of any worry," he said.

The publication itself mentions that NDM1 gene is not a stable character, Walia said.

"The chlorination of water makes it safe for drinking purposes. The water being supplied through DJB and other similar sources meets the prescribed standards of testing and safety. The chlorination process and its monitoring is further being strengthened," he said.

The DJB yesterday dispelled concerns about presence of drug-resistant bacteria in tap water saying the water being supplied by the agency was "safe" for drinking.