Pradeep Pattanayak

Sindhekela police in Bolangir district on Sunday cracked the mystery behind the sensational murder of a girl whose decomposed body was recovered under mysterious circumstances from Shundhimunda village on December 9. 

Police made the revelation after arresting the accused, identified as Santosh Sahu of Berhampur. As per police, Santosh had killed Suryakanti Sahu, his lover in a fit of revenge, after the girl's family which resides in Bhawanipatna, cancelled their marriage which had already been fixed. 

Bolangir SP has confirmed that the accused is a jawan. 

According to the police, Santosh and Suryakanti met on social media site Facebook and fell in love with each other. The duo decided to remain united for the next of their lives and their marriage proposal was also initially accepted by both the families. 

However the wedding plans came undone when Santosh’s mother demanded a dowry of Rs 30 lakh which was outrightly rejected by Suryakanti's family.  

“We had already given a go-ahead to their marriage proposal. But then, Santosh’s mother asked for a dowry of Rs 30 lakh, leading to the cancellation of the proposal,” explained Durga Sahu, Suryakanti’s father. 

Consequently, Santosh who had since been allegedly harbouring a grudge against the girl's father Durga Sahu, found a soft target in Suryakanti to settle his score. He reportedly convinced Suryakanti and both eloped from their houses on December 5, said the police. 

But the love story came to an end with a pathetic twist when surprisingly, Suryakanti's decomposed body was spotted near Shundhimunda village in on December 9.

The mystery unfolded during interrogation, and the police subsequently put the accused under arrest.