Vikash Sharma

It seems that the ghost of fake certificate has once again returned to haunt the residents of Bolangir. After a major fake certificate racket was busted in which some job aspirants tried to acquire postal jobs,  serious allegation of forgery has been levelled against Ghuna PACS Secretary Rashmi Ranjan Behera.

It is alleged that Behera submitted fake certificates and obtained the service. Though the higher officials are aware, no action has been taken in this regard for which Behera is enjoying the service since 2016.

As per the allegations, Behera has produced several fake certificates to obtain the job including a fake MBA, Diploma in Cooperative Management (DCM) and PGDCA certificates.

It is not clear whether the fake certificates have been procured from Manoj Mishra’s institute or any other place. Only a detailed investigation will unravel the mystery and the allegations levelled against Behera. Meanwhile, Behera could not be contacted over such allegations.

(Reported by Manoranjan Mishra)