Pradeep Pattanayak

With the Covid situation in China going from bad to worse with each passing day, the demand for lemon has exponentially increased as people are falling back on natural sources of Vitamin C to develop immunity against the disease. 

The situation in China has reportedly come to such a pass that the prices of essential medicines have gone up and at places, there are reported out of stock. This is because; people are making beelines at malls to buy as many lemons as they can. 

According to reports, the health camps have turned into detention camps. The corona suspects staying in health camps have been detained at the detention camps forcefully. Here the patients are reportedly snatching away lemons when any amount of these fruits arrive there. 

The people in detention camps are spending days in fear of contracting the virus. 

The demand for lemons and oranges has skyrocketed after health experts said consumption of these fruits helps create immunity to fight against the infection. 

The demand for these citric fruits has increased mainly in cities like Beijing and Sanghai. 

China is currently witnessing an unprecedented Covid situation due to Omicron sub-variant BF.7 and experts ascribe it to its stringent zero-Covid policy which made its people more vulnerable to the infection.