Cassian Baliarsingh

Like all the Delhi girls, Ankita Nagpal and Impreet Singh loved momos. However, their favourite street food has now become their business in New Jersey, United States, along with their full-time roles in the technology sector.

Founded in 2023, Fomo Momo is a pioneering food truck enterprise and finds its roots to Delhi. During her days in Delhi, Ankita loved various street food experiences, with momos holding a special place. 

Even though she moved to US for job, she always wanted to do something. She happened to meet Impreet during a social gathering in the U.S., where their mutual admiration for momos surfaced and soon catalyzed the vision of transposing the authentic essence of Delhi's street food onto American soil.

Their first food festival experience was at Smorgasburg in Jersey City in 2021, attracting a diverse customer base. Encouraged by the positive response, Ankita and Impreet decided to invest in a food truck in 2023. 

Going from planning to actually running the business was tough, especially when it came to getting into the market and reaching customers.

In confronting this obstacle, Ankita and Impreet adopted a proactive approach, distributing complimentary samples during the initial stages of their venture.

They worked hard for eight months to make their momo recipe perfect. Clients of their momos are college students and professionals hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds.

One of their most famous dishes is the chilli momos, loved for its spicy flavours that make the dining experience even better. 

Yet, amidst these challenges, Ankita and Impreet find solace in fostering meaningful connections with their customers, a facet that underpins the enduring success of Fomo Momo.