He noted that India's energy strategy is mindful of commitments to the global commons, to green transition and to ensure energy availability, affordability and security to all.

Puri made these remarks while addressing a roundtable on "Opportunities in the India-US Strategic Partnership" at Houston, Texas on Tuesday.

India, he said, had taken many steps towards low carbon development, including through emerging fuels like hydrogen and biofuels.

The minister emphasised that despite the current challenging energy environment, India's commitment to energy transitions and its climate mitigation goals is not going to diminish.

The roundtable brought together over 60 participants from 35 companies, including the senior leadership of energy majors like Exxonmobil, Chevron, Chieniere, Lanzatech, Honeywell, BakerHughes, Emerson, Tellurian to name a few.

Indian energy PSUs also attended the event.

Puri stated that India was undertaking major reforms to rationalise and incentivise exploration and production by reducing the no-go areas by 99 per cent, opening up approximately one million sq kms, and making good quality geological data available through the National Depository Registry.