Elon Musk has said that he might step down as Twitter CEO by the end of this year, after stabilising the company and making it more financially viable.

After conducting a poll on stepping down as Twitter CEO in December last year, Musk has not offered any indication as to when he is going to appoint a new CEO to run the daily affairs at the micro-blogging platform.

"I need to stabilise the organisation and just make sure it's in a financially healthy place in that the product roadmap is clearly laid out," Musk said via video link at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

"I'm guessing probably towards the end of the year would be good timing to find someone else to run the company," he was quoted as saying in reports.

"I think it should be in a stable position around the end of this year," Musk added.

Musk has said that he does not want to be the CEO of any company, be it Tesla or Twitter.

"I frankly don't want to be the CEO of any company. At SpaceX, it's really that I'm responsible for the engineering of the rockets and Tesla for the technology in the car that makes it successful," he said.

"So, CEO is often viewed as somewhat of a business-focused role, but in reality, my role is much more that of an engineer developing technology and making sure that we develop breakthrough technologies and that we have a team of incredible engineers who can achieve those goals," Musk elaborated.

He said he does not wish to remain CEO of Twitter forever.

"I expect to reduce my time at Twitter and find somebody else to run Twitter over time," he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Musk had said that he has hired a dog to replace him as the Twitter CEO.

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