Mrunal Manmay Dash

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) temporarily suspended deliveries of three diesel-powered models – the Fortuner diesel SUV, Innova Crysta MPV and the Hilux pickup truck in India.

The decision came after revelations regarding irregularities in the horsepower output certification tests conducted on the diesel engines powering these models.

As per reports, a special investigation committee, commissioned to investigate potential certification irregularities by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) affiliate company Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), found irregularities in the horsepower output testing of three diesel engine models.

During certification testing, the horsepower output performance of engines was measured using ECUs with software that differed from that used for mass production so that results could be measured to make values appear smoother with less variation, TMC revealed in a media statement.

The company went on to reveal that re-verification tests conducted on the mass-produced vehicles confirmed the affected engines met expected performance standards, and said there is ‘no need’ to stop using the affected vehicles.

A total of ten models across the Toyota and Lexus passenger vehicle range are equipped with the engines in question – the 2.4-litre, four-cylinder ‘2GD’ diesel that powers the Innova Crysta, the 2.8-litre, four-cylinder ‘1GD’ series found under the hood of the Fortuner and Hilux, and the 3.3-litre ‘F33A’ V6 that powers the Lexus LX500d and Toyota Land Cruiser 300.

TKM has clarified that this revelation does not signal any deficiency in vehicle performance, or any manner of variation in emissions and safety.

Despite the suspension of deliveries, TKM will continue production and accept orders for the affected models. The company has pledged transparent communication regarding power curves to customers awaiting delivery of their vehicles.

Additionally, for vehicles already dispatched but not yet delivered, TKM will provide detailed explanations to customers before proceeding with registration and delivery.