Mrunal Manmay Dash

When it comes to fuel efficiency, a majority of Indian vehicle owners admit it to be one of the major parameters to consider before buying a new car. However, a survey by Ford Motor Company revealed that 40% of Indian drivers are unaware that harsh accelerating and braking negatively affect the car’s fuel consumption.

This is squarely because there are still some myths going around that are believed to be true by some people in India.

Here are some myths about fuel efficiency and the related facts--

Myth: Sharp acceleration does not have anything to do with fuel efficiency

Fact: Aggressive driving may give you thrills but that is not a good practice if you want a good fuel economy. Harsh acceleration or unnecessarily revving the engine would lower the mileage.

Myth: Keeping the engine running saves more fuel than restarting it at every traffic signal.

Fact: As per the survey, 26 percent of Indian drivers believe that keeping the engine running while idling will save more fuel. Turning the engine off on the traffic signal and restarting it again is actually more fuel-efficient. If the waiting time is more than 15 seconds it is always a good idea to turn the engine off as it saves fuel and hence increases the mileage.

Myth: Driving on mountain roads/steep elevations do not affect fuel efficiency

Fact: 52 percent of drivers are not aware that mountain roads have a negative effect on fuel efficiency. When a car is climbing a mountain road, the engine is constantly under pressure and is working to keep the car moving forward. As compared to plains, these roads bring down the fuel efficiency drastically.

Myth: Weight has no connection with fuel efficiency at all

Fact: 65 percent of the drivers did not know that removing heavy objects from the car can make it more fuel efficient. As the car is lighter, the engine has to make less effort to make the car move. So, it is always a good idea to remove unnecessary items from your car.

Myth: Cruise Control is useless

Fact: 78 percent of drivers are unaware of the fuel efficiency benefits of cruise control. Cruise control is a modern car’s secret weapon against wasting fuel. Maintaining a constant speed means you don’t waste fuel by unnecessarily braking and accelerating – and it also stops you from driving faster than allowed.

The survey was conducted by American automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company where Indian drivers were asked about their driving habits and fuel efficiency knowledge. When asked about their driving habits, ninety-five percent claimed they knew how to drive their car for maximum fuel efficiency, and 96 percent said they make a concerted effort to drive efficiently on a daily basis.

The survey covered 9,500 drivers across 11 markets in Asia Pacific, including 1,023 Indian respondents.