Mrunal Manmay Dash

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has tied up with Indian battery manufacturer Agratas, to manufacture high-performance EV batteries for its cars.

As per report, JLR will source its EV batteries from Agratas that will give its Electric Vehicles a range of up to 720km. Agratas is owned by JLR's parent company Tata.

JLR said that batteries from Agratas would have a much higher energy density than those in the Jaguar I-Pace, currently the company’s only EV.

Agratas, which is reportedly looking at both the UK and Spain as a location to build a cell plant in Europe, is expected to initially manufacture the batteries at a facility it is currently setting up ain Gujarat, India. The factory is expected to have an initial capacity of 20 Gigawatt-hours, which could double in the second phase of expansion.

JLR will launch an electric Range Rover next year, followed by the first of three electric Jaguars – a four-door GT – in 2025. However, it’s not clear whether the Agratas batteries will be ready for the first electric Range Rover or the Jaguar.