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BJP targets PM for conspiracy against Aam Aadmi

New Delhi: Targeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the main Opposition BJP on Tuesday lashed out at the Government stating it suffers from "deficit" in leadership, integrity and competence.

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley charged the government with all-round failure, describing high inflation as "conspiracy against Aam Aadmi".

"India has never had it so bad in terms of governance.

Today you have a government which for the past three years cannot control prices, it cannot provide this country either with the decision-making or with honest governance," he said, participating in the Motion of Thanks to the President for her address to Parliament.

Referring to Home Minister P Chidambaram`s remarks at the recent meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos (Switzerland) that there was a governance deficit in the country, Jaitley said there is a trust deficit between the government and the people.

There is a also a gap between the party in power and the government itself, he said.

"This country deserves much better than what we are getting in governance," he said.

Targeting the Prime Minister on high inflation, Jaitley asked, "What is the use of your being a distinguished economist…?"

Despite being an honest man, Singh "leads one of the most dishonest governments…what is the use of personal integrity?" Jaitley posed.

Questioning the Prime Minister for remaining "silent" for three years over the 2G spectrum scam, he said in his recent media interaction that Singh sought to distance himself from the "rot". He described it as "abandonment of collective leadership and responsibility".

Blaming the parallel power centres in the government and the main ruling party, Jaitley said much damage has been done to the image of the country. Besides, corruption index was high.

"Mirror seems to be cracking. It is very difficult to join…," he said adding that Singh`s government would be judged by the footprints of bold actions that it leaves behind.

But if the Prime Minister would like his government to be judged only by the number of years it lasts, then it would become a "footnote in history".

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