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BJP targets Omar government over land grabbing

Jammu: BJP today accused Omar Abdullah government of harbouring a land mafia, in which ministers, bureaucrats and police officers were involved in land grabbings and no action was taken against them.

"Is it democracy, socialism, guaranteed right of equality in a socio welfare state or a Jungle raaj? Till date no action has been taken against ministers, bureaucrats, policemen for their involvement or patronising to grab the rights of others` lands under the present dispensation of Omar Abdullah," BJP state spokesperson Ramesh Arora told reporters here today.

"We question the intention of the Chief Minister while declaring 2011 as an anti-corruption year. Motive should be reflected in action and ministers involved directly or indirectly should be sacked from the government," he said.

He said, "Omar is keeping mum despite massive reports of land grabbings and patronage by ministers, bureaucrats and police officers."

Some local newspapers had carried reports naming top police officers and politicians in grabbings of huge government lands and others in Jammu during last one week.

"Militancy has proved a boon for corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and fatal for many innocents. Persons sitting at the helm of affairs including our Chief Minister is unable to see land scams and undue accumulation of wealth by few land grabbers," he said.

Police officials are not only patronising land grabbers but are themselves involved in the same and Government still claims to provide corruption free administration, he said.

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