BJP supports GST Act: Gadkari

New Delhi: BJP today said the party favoured the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act, but accused the Centre of using it as a political weapon against some state governments.

"We are in favor of this Act…The problem is when the central government receives any type of tax from people, for years, they don`t want to transfer it (state`s share) to state governments. It is obvious the share of state government should be immediately passed to it," BJP President Nitin Gadkari said at a CII seminar here.

He said Chief Ministers of BJP-ruled states had made a suggestion to the central government that out of the total tax collected by it, the share of the states should be immediately deposited in the "state kitty".

"In many cases, the central government`s approach is politically vindictive and with favor to some states. In many legitimate and genuine cases, like Gujarat, the central government does want to transfer fund, which is right of these states, while using it (the funds) as a political weapons," Gadkari said.

He further alleged that the central government was not ready to listen to the suggestions made by the state governments, "but is making a propaganda that BJP is against this law. We are principally supporter of this act."