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BJP dig at Rahul on inflation statement

New Delhi: BJP on Wednesday took dig at Rahul Gandhi on his remark that coalition politics was responsible for rising prices, saying even the NDA government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a coalition regime but prices were stable then.

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman described Rahul`s statement on this "very sensitive, critical issue of prices" as one which has come due to lack of understanding.

She said it was even more regrettable that this has come from "somebody who is being projected as a messiah of new leadership, youth leadership of the Congress party."

"Congress came to power in the name of aam admi, who for the last two years has not heard anything other than prices will come down in the next six months and some astrological predictions about prices," she said.

The BJP leader said Congress has been telling people that it is the compulsion of coalition politics due to which government is not taking enough action to bring prices down.

She claimed that in the erstwhile NDA rule, prices had remained stable even during periods of drought.

"Let me remind here that even Vajpayee headed a coalition government with more than 20 political parties in it. And during that time prices were very much under control and the economy was vibrant," she said.

During periods of droughts, grains were sent to the affected areas by the Centre which had also borne the costs involved.

BJP insisted that in a coalition government political parties comprising it may have to make some compromises on their core issues or ideology but not on prices of commodities.

"This just shows lack of understanding. What have prices got to do with this. There is a complete lack of leadership today," Sitharaman said.

The principal opposition also pointed out that the government had given two ministries having conflict of interest to one person (Sharad Pawar).

Sitharaman maintained that while the priority of the Agriculture Ministry was farmers` interest, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, which she alleged is "probably in hibernation", wanted that the consumer got the best price.

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