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BJP demands white paper on black money

Ernakulm: BJP on Saturday said it will demand a white paper in the winter session of Parliament on how the government proposes to bring back the black money stashed abroad in foreign banks.

BJP leader L K Advani, addressing a big gathering here this evening, said "in the winter session of Parliament which is likely to commence on November 21, we will demand that a white paper be presented in the House telling the world, the country and the people how the government proposes to bring back black money." "If this money is bought back, our suggestion would be that it should be spent in the villages of India and not in cities", he added

Attacking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for reportedly promising to get back black money stashed abroad within 100 days of coming to power during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Advani said "nothing has been done in this regard so far". "In 2009 elections, the Prime Minister had said if we come to power, in 100 days we will move to get back all this money belonging to India. Not just 100 days, but 700 days have passed but nothing has been done on this account."

Citing a figure of more than 25 lakh crore of black money belonging to India stashed in Swiss and other banks abroad, Advani said "We have decided to force these people who have put their money out there either to surrender this money voluntarily or force the government to take it back from Swiss and other banks." He said the Swiss government has under pressure already passed a law that if there is any illegal money, they will disclose the names of the people who have put their money there.

Speaking in English and translated in Malyalam, Advani`s address in this coastal town evoked a good response from the sizeable gathering which had been waiting for a long time despite rain. Advani said that in spite of having no representation in the assembly or Parliament from Kerala, "the response has been very good". "The response has surprised all."

He said his earlier yatra connected with the construction of Ram Temple had evoked a good response which the analysts said was because of the religiosity of people for the Ram Temple for supporting yatra.

"This yatra has nothing to do with the Temple or religion. As such, I would like political analysts to analyse why this particular yatra, which was seemingly a purely political yatra, is getting a good response. "My single analysis is that true Ram bhakti for an average Indian is important but Rashtri bakhti is equally important…this gives me immense joy."

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